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Do You Have a Strong Business Idea but Lack the Execution to Develop a Brand?

Some may argue that consumers have way too many products and services to choose from in the market. Sure the food tastes good, the service is nice, but what makes it memorable enough to come back? It’s a pattern where a new customer shows slight interest, runs away, and the business is a fleeting memory. Why should they come back? What compels them to return? If only there existed a magical key, a strategic tool to prevent that possibility from happening and to ensure consumer retention. Oh, but there is, it’s through branding. What values are your customers extracting from your image? Because a business brand is more than its image; it’s how the customer translates the message from the image. We call that the effective branding when the customers’ perceptions match the owner’s values. It’s created by having a combination of a distinct set of traits that sets your business apart from the masses and competition so to speak. Your brand ultimately defines what you’re selling.

How is this so? When a customer thinks of their favorite product or service they will recall that business’s distinct logo, standout phrase, and experience. These are elements make up the foundation of an effective business brand. Strong brand imaging is the reason we refer to cotton swabs as Q-tips. While it’s natural for people to place businesses into groups and categories, what’s important is when your brand is in the right group. The core values of the business must be present. A clear brand gives the consumer the ability to make an easy choice; as a result, this easy choice is more likely to be remembered and repeated.

Here are common categories a customer might create to describe your service:

  • Family-friendly
  • Fast
  • Reliable

Or products:

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Luxurious
  • Eco-Friendly

Strong branding creates a lasting impression. Before entering the process of building a brand, it’s essential to write a list of adjectives to describe your business to the public. Ask yourself, what do you want people to say about your service? How do you want your business to be recognized? Remember the core values of your work. By answering these questions and having this list establishes a business identity.

So, once you determined your identity — the next step is to translate this list into the image you put out via a logo, cards, and social media. Therefore, when all these elements are in place, the customer has created a quick mental ad of the business. To keep this momentum going, a customer will need additional reminders. Here is where using an advertising agency is beneficial, an agency creates and implements the appropriate channel(s) to relay your brand. In traditional marketing, business cards, monument signs, window wraps, and car signs are physical reminders for the customer; this could be potentially costly and tracking the results is a challenge. However, as marketing technology advances, there are digital options which are more cost-effective and accessible. Your agency should be able to decide the appropriate channel(s) to convey a distinct message.

Because when the message isn’t clear, or there are too many options available and spread thinly, a brand loses its momentum. All because of a lack of consistency. A brand cannot be everything to everyone. A business owner already knows the reasoning and meaning behind the work they do, and now it’s time for the agency to translate this meaning into a practical message that resonates with the public.

In conclusion, all businesses small or large, no matter the amount of capital you’re working with, can create a brand. As long as the message remains clear and consistent, your brand is valid. The benefits of building a brand awareness exceed the initial challenges of development. Due to the number of branding options available for a business owner making the right choice is tasking. Which direction should I go? What are the available options? What is the best method for my market? These are excellent initial questions for prompting any advertising agency during your consultation. At Digi-Vue Advertising Agency we specialize in brand development. It’s fundamental to create a brand that will extend to the consumer. We understand the demographic you’re trying to reach through the use of our extensive digital platform in the Antelope Valley community. Our goal is to create a marketing plan which develops your brand using cost-effective, real-time, and next-generation technology with our platform. – Eli Tamakloe

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