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April 24, 2017
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With 10 years in the digital signage industry Digi-VUE Advertising has learned to know what it takes to run a reliable and stable digital signage solution. In this article we will give you the top 4 features you will need to make your digital signage project a success. It does not matter if you have 1 screen or one thousand screens these features are a must when running any digital signage solution.

  1. Automatic Booting

Digital signage only works if the digital signage is on. There is no reason for your customers to be staring at a black screen if they do not have to. There are many scenarios as to how or why your digital display may be off and it’s important that you are able to have a display that will automatically boot and reboot on its on with a helpful health report if at all possible. During the life of your digital signage solution you will experience software failures, hardware failures a simple task like turning the display on during normal business hours should be the least of your problems. So make sure your digital signage software can turn itself on and off during normal business hours. Also check to make sure that during the event of a power outage your hardware can automatically boot up on its own and pick up right where it left off.


  1. Automatic Content Scheduling

Digital signage it not apple TV and digital signage is not PowerPoint. Simply put TRUE digital signage software is a system that gives you the control to not only make simple updates but to program and schedule content based on the time or change in audience. Nobody has the time to constantly change a PowerPoint or reload a video loop and still look like a professional. With professional digital signage you can automatically change content in example automatically change prices on a restaurant menu board from a breakfast menu to a dinner menu. Automatic updates may allow you to have change content from a weekend to a weekday with out having to do changes on a daily basis a preprogrammed schedule is all you need to make sure your content is delivered to a relevant audience at a relevant time. Noe only with this simple feature save you tons of man hours and labor time to manage your signage but you will also get a positive feedback from consumers that like to see fresh and current content.

  1. Live Feeds

There is a saying good digital signage is updated daily but the best digital signage is updated in real time. A simple slide show or PowerPoint is not TRUE digital signage. When searching for a digital signage software that keeps an audience engaged they want to see content that is new. Live feeds will give the illusion that your displays are similar to a live television broadcast. Live feeds may consists of Live weather feeds, clock, and RSS news Feeds. These are the basic feeds you might find on any generic digital signage software. Digi-VUE Advertising takes live feeds to the next leave with live social feeds.  Live feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Yammer. Stay connected like never before. When you take picture and upload it to your Facebook album within two minutes all of your digital signage can be update with live content from social media platforms. Stay informed for what is coming in the future, with features like these your digital signage will be more attractive and will result in more engagement.

  1. Health Reports

As we stated with automatic reboots it’s important that your digital signage can report back health reports. With Digi-VUE Advertising your software can tell you if you digital signage hardware is on, is it off and is it reporting back Wi-Fi. The worst thing to have is a digital display that is off. NEW with the Digi-VUE Advertising digital signage software we can now tell you if your TV display is on or off , along with telling us if the digital signage hardware is on or off along with a Wi-Fi report to let us know if the units with get their updates.

These top four features will be the key to make sure your digital ad network is up and running with minimal issues and if in the worst case scenario if your digital signs do require maintenance you have the proper tools in place to dispatch your digital signage maintenance technicians.  There are plenty of things you will be working hard on running a digital signage business and making sure your displays are on and stay on are not the issues you want to waste your daily schedule on. Get the right digital signage that will allow to scale.

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