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Traditional media channels help get your brand in front of the masses, but the targeting and measurement of ROI effectiveness does not happen in real time with perfect information.
Paid Search not only allows you to get your brand and message in front of people who are actively looking for your product or service, but the ROI is fully trackable and instantly measured. It is the best medium for targeting individuals at the right place at the right time.

Traditional Media versus Digital Paid Media

Traditional media has it’s place in all forms advertising, but as you go down the funnel, you notice that digital allows businesses to hyper target customers that are already in the market looking for your product or service.

You just need to show up

The benefits and CHALLENGES of each advertising Medium

Medium Reach Trageting Measurement Cost
Great reach
Large geographic areas; not good for niche audiences
Not real-time; not granular
Expensive; potentially high commitments
Great potential reach
Can target audiences who listen to certain stations
Not real-time; not granular
Expensive; potentially high commitments
Moderate to great potential reach
Large and small geographic areas; special interest publications
Not real-time; not granular
Costs vary by publication, but attentive eyeballs not guaranteed
Direct Mail
Scalabale reach, but minimum commitments required
Entire DMAs, Zip Codes, and addresses.
Not real-time; can be somewhat granular, but custom printing may add to cost
Costs for fulfillment can add up. Minimums may apply that prevent this from being an effective channel for some advertisers
Great for reaching existing customers, but not for prospecting new customers
Target segmented lists of existing customers
Real-time and granular.
Costs vary, but are not controlled.
Truly Scalable reach
Target people in your desired area have indicated that they want to buy what you’re selling
Real-time and granular.
Control costs at any level. Turn campaigns, keywords, accounts on/off at any time. Pay only when someone your ad and visits your website

Why paid search is a practical marketing investment

1. Most Actively Engaged Customers Unlike Billboards and TV, you know someone searching on Google is actively trying to solve a problem.

2. Track & Measure Traffic – With paid search, we can track everything from phones calls, clicks, traffic to your website, and even which keywords produced sales (phone calls, lead form submissions, downloads) for your business.

3. It’s Less Expensive Than TV, Radio & Print – While these channels can cost companies $3,000 – $50,000 in media buys, people can get started with just $1,000.

4. Can Adjust Your Budget Up or Down As soon as you find the optimal ROI, we can scale up your budget to bring in more business.

5. The ROI is instant, and time is money. We waste neither while launching your campaigns.

A Google Adwords Certified Agency

Google Adwords & Bing Certified Partner
You get an Adwords certified agency with experts who are up to date on industry trends, best practices, and cutting edge technologies.



We know what we’re doing

With over 25+ years of combined experience, and budget sizes of all ranges, we don’t try to fit square pegs into round holes. We customize every campaign to maximize your ROI.

We’re different

No client is too small to get the attention you deserve.  From communications, to reporting and proactive
recommendations, you’ll see that from day 1 in our
partnership to grow your bottom line.

We’re Transparent

We have nothing to hide, so we give you 24/7, on-demand access to your performance data. Hold us accountable!

We’re Agile

As a nimble agency, we can act fast on request and recommendations we suggest. No more waiting 5 days for changes, because everyday matters to your bottom line. Plus, we can get a campaign live in 2 – 3 business days.

We’re attentive

This is the major cause of attrition in Paid Search campaigns. Our team will constantly monitor & optimize your campaigns and proactively find opportunities to grow your bottom line.

Track calls & Never miss A Call Again

We Can Optimize Campaign Performance Based Phone Calls To Your business

This technology allows us to track the success of our campaigns by tracking all calls coming into your business.

Record Your Phone Calls (optional)

Missed a call? No Problem... An automated eMail is sent to you whenever a critial call is missed

While we utilize this tech to manage your PPC campaigns, it can be leveraged for other digital and traditional channels as well

Reporting & Analytics In One Dashboard

Integrate All Your Website & Marketing Platforms Into One Dashboard

Full Analytics Platform That Integrates Platforms From Google Analytics, AdWords to Social Media Platforms. One reporting dashboard for better decision making.

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