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Winning Formula For Franchise & Retailers

Never before did retailers have advertising tools that were as hyperlocal and measurable as targeted display solutions.

Geo-targeted retail Advertising

Target Advertising Only Within Your Service Area to Limit Waste

Our technologies allow us to target advertising by DMA, IP address and specific zip codes.
No need to advertise to the entire city when you can target your marketing and advertising spend within your specific service area.

Location based advertising (GEO FENCING)

Target Consumers Based On Physical Off-Line Activities
Place-based marketing allows us to reach retail consumers directly on their mobile phones when they visit specific locations and events like – hospital ERs, concerts, malls, sporting events, car dealerships, state fairs, conventions, etc.

Conversion zone tracking – Store Visitors

Track consumers who saw you ads and then visited your store

With our geo fencing technology, we can now track the number of people who saw your ads and then actually visited your storefront.
This new level of tracking provides an incredible understanding of your true return on investment.


A virtual geo-fence is traced around an event location where the advertiser wants to build an audience based on user visits to a particular location during a scheduled timeframe.
When a user enters the geo fenced location during the set timeframe, they will then become part of an audience that can be targeted either during or following the event when they’re browsing on their mobile browsers (Safari/Chrome) or the 600,000 App’s we have access to serve Ads on (Angry Birds, Words With Friends, Etc…)

key GEO FENCING benefits

Sales Maximization (Site Retargeting)

Keeping Your Business Top-Of-Mind.

A National Retail Federation study showed that 72% of customers abandon shopping carts without purchase. If the retailer does nothing, 8% will come back and complete the transaction. But if you actively retarget them with advertising 26% will come back and complete the transaction – a 3x lift in sales. We work to ensure our


Target customers who have recently performed a search on other search engines/websites outside of Google, even if they did not visit your website.

CRM RETARGETING: Target Your Own Lists

Target users who have are currently on your email marketing lists with Ads wherever they visit around the web.

CRM retargeting can be immensely effective if you have a list of people and ongoingly want to only target them with coupons and offers.



Less Expensive Than TV

Reach the same audiences online that are watching your TV campaigns.
Leverage your TV budgets and creative assets to extend into digital advertising.
Build Ad That Allow For Searchers To Still Click A Companion banner To Visit Your Website
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