Retargeting Banner Ads Case Study

CLIENT NAME: Pacific Auto Recycling Center

OBJECTIVES: To drive traffic to the website by retargeting qualified buyers that visited the website in the past.

SYNOPSIS: Digi-VUE Advertising uses retargeting advertising software that tracks ip address of users visiting Pacific Auto Recycling Center website and advertise with them through banner ads display in their browser within 30 days. Digi-VUE Advertising also created the design and layout of banner ads.

SOLUTION: Retargeting is a form of online targeted advertising to consumer based on their previous internet actions. Digi-VUE Advertising created banner ads and submitted it to the retargeting software which tracks the number of audience and the number of audience revisiting the website due to these ads.

RESULTS: Pacific Auto Recycling Center increased their online traffic and driven more than 500 users to “click back” to their website which further assist in converting qualified buyers to customers.

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