Digi-VUE Advertising Digital Out-of-Home Network Advertising Case Study

CLIENT NAME: Sophia Elizabeth Foundation

OBJECTIVES: To promote their brand as a non-profit organization and promote their mission to the community.

SYNOPSIS: Digi-VUE Advertising understands the needs of Sophia Elizabeth Foundation as a new non-profit organization and the need to build its brand awareness to the community. We provided the marketing concept for their commercial in order to advertise their organization across the entire new territory. After designing the layout, Digi-VUE Advertising began broadcasting their 10 sec commercial all over Antelope Valley through their Digital Out-of-Home Network.

SOLUTION: Digi-VUE Advertising Digital Out-of-Home network is composed of various digital screen displays strategically placed inside consumer businesses all over the Northern Los Angeles and San Bernardino County. Our network provides longer viewing time as it target consumers in their waiting idle while doing daily activities. Placing our digital screens inside consumer business also allows users to diversely advertise or choose specific locations they want their brand to be advertised. Sophia Elizabeth Foundation ads are being broadcasted in all of Digi-VUE Advertising Digital Out-of-Home Network locations.

RESULTS: Sophia Elizabeth Foundation received commendation from numerous community members who have seen their commercial all over town. These commercials have strengthened their brand and gain recognition from the public.

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