Digital Signage Case Study

CLIENT NAME: Palmdale Water District

OBJECTIVES: To utilize digital signage as a way of communication to its customers and employees about services, practices and programs of Palmdale Water District and also alleviate customers’ stress while waiting.

SYNOPSIS: Digi-VUE Advertising met with the client, understand what they want and anticipate their needs. We find the software and hardware solutions that fit their budget and create abundant communication platform suit for this particular project.

SOLUTION: Video wall are multi-screen digital display set up that provide greater screen area usually designed for numerous audiences. Video wall also allow creative layout design for the screens that improve aesthetic display Digi-VUE Advertising provided Palmdale Water District 10ft x 6ft Video Wall with customized backlit enclosure placed in the lobby with four digital screens.

RESULTS: Palmdale Water District was able to communicate efficiently to their customers and relay information from its directors, promote their website, increases social following, increase rebate and special program participation, provide infotainment to waiting customers.

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