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February 21, 2018

Pacific Auto Recycling Center

Online Radio Advertising Case Study

CLIENT NAME: Pacific Auto Recycling Center

OBJECTIVES: To promote an Out-of-Home media campaign in short time period (60 days) that will reach targeted audiences with a specific set of qualifications. The parameters are Spanish and English listeners, 25 to 55 years of age and cater for both male and female. The goal is to promote Three (3) specific services: 1st, PARC buy junk cars; 2nd, PARC sell auto parts; 3rd, PARC has an auto parts self service yard.

SYNOPSIS: Pacific Auto Recycling Center discussed their objective with Digi-VUE Advertising. Considering these, we set the parameter for target listeners. We then represent PARC and arranged meetings with online radio vendors. Upon selecting the online radio vendor that provides the most benefits to our client and meets the objective of this project, we provided them with all the information we require. They submitted and we approved their solution in behalf of our client.

SOLUTION: Online Radio Advertising has the capability to identify their listeners through logged-in user base. This allows Digi-VUE Advertising to utilize this capability to meet the client’s objective. We identify our client’s objective and analyze these in order for us to customize a parameter that will yield the best result. We then search and worked with the most qualified online radio advertiser and oversees the project.

RESULTS: The impressions delivered are more than the set impression goal. There are 483 clicks over the 60 days and reached 19,817 listeners.

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