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February 21, 2018
Pacific Auto Recycling Center
February 21, 2018

Casa Amazonas, Inc.

Video Testimonial Case Study

CLIENT NAME: Casa Amazonas, Inc.

OBJECTIVES: To gain exposure that will drive traffic to the website and increase credibility of the brand value of the company.

SYNOPSIS: Casa Amazonas provided Digi-VUE Advertising a list of their clients that are willing to participate in pre recorded video testimonials and permitted us to act on their behalf. We contacted their clients, presented them concept of the video testimonial. We then scheduled on-location video shoots, produced, directed, and edited the video testimonials for Casa Amazonas.

SOLUTION: Video Testimonials are video recordings of previous clients’ review of your company, discussing their personal experience with your product and/or services. This is a powerful tool in advertising your brand as it appeals to audiences and entertaining than of a static imagery. In the internet which is the leading market place, video testimonials mimic the emotions brought by personal interaction to your viewers which humanize your brand online. This will initiate confidence of potential clients to your company. Digi-VUE Advertising provided Casa Amazonas several client video testimonials they release periodically that are distributed online, in social media platforms, as well as played in their showrooms.

RESULTS: Casa Amazonas, Inc client video testimonials reach around 8,000 views and around 9,000 views for informative videos. These increase their followings and improve the credibility and brand value of their company.

Customer Testimonial | Kitchen Remodel Rosamond California

Check out this great kitchen remodel we did in Rosamond, California. Thanks Maurice for choosing Casa Amazonas!

Posted by Casa Amazonas on Saturday, August 26, 2017

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