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February 21, 2018
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February 21, 2018

Casa Amazonas, Inc.

Audience Measurement Integration Software / Pay-Per-View Advertising Case Study

CLIENT NAME: Casa Amazonas, Inc.

OBJECTIVES: To identify the demographics and level of their engagement towards our ad display. These data inform us of our market and provide us further insight towards our clients’ interest that will enable us to plan accordingly and advertise effectively.

SYNOPSIS: Digi-VUE Advertising installed a digital display in Cass Amazonas, Inc showroom equipped with a camera and Audience Measurement Integration Software.

SOLUTION: Audience Measurement Integration Software is facial recognition software that records anonymous data of the gender, age group, viewing time, and reaction of its audiences. These data are used to identify the main market demographic of the business and provide first hand information of how their customers respond to their ads. These data are useful in business planning and client targeting as it gives insight to the existing business’ client market

RESULTS: Casa Amazonas, Inc. advertisement was viewed by 1,369 audiences and 443 of them watched the ads. They have 32.4% conversion ratio of the people passing by their display signage to audience watching their ads. They also have 38.3% attraction ratio with 4,673 seconds attention time for their ads. Their major audiences are composed of 35.4% adult females while 27.5% are adult males. The average attention span for male is 6 seconds while 14.6 seconds for females. These data can help determine their future marketing and advertising strategy that can help drive increase in sales.

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