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Expand your reach with Digital-Out-of-Home Advertising

Effective and affordable digital signage gives you more bang for your buck. Unlike dated communication methods, digital signage fulfills its purpose with content tailored to your companies specific needs and brand awareness.

Digi-VUE Advertising digital signage located in the Antelope Valley covers 3,000 square miles in the Northern Los Angeles County Basis with over 507,000+ current residents. Our city wide network offers the largest digital ad network in the area. Digi-VUE Advertising has you covered.

Paid advertisers utilize full screen ad space with the ability to use split zones to incorporate various feeds such as pictures, slide shows, Full HD video, polls, trivia, games, clocks, weather, RSS and XML feeds, and live streaming social feeds from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Screen sizes vary based on location 26″ – 55″

All impressions are fully tracked by a third party association

“Great digital signage is updated often, great digital signage is updated in real time.”

Purchasing Airing Credits

When purchasing ad credits the media buyer is in control – no monthly restrictions or terms. Simply purchase the amount of impressions you budgeted for in your DMA.

250,000 Impressions

10 Sec. – $2,500.00

15 Sec. – $3,625.00

30 Sec. – $6,500.00

60 Sec. – $12,500.00

500,000 Impressions

10 Sec. – $5,000.00

15 Sec. – $7,250.00

30 Sec. – $13,000.00

60 Sec. – $25,000.00

1,000,000 Impressions

10 Sec. – $10,000.00

15 Sec. – $14,500.00

30 Sec. – $26,000.00

60 Sec. – $50,000.00

1,500,000 Impressions

10 Sec. – $10,500.00

15 Sec. – $21,750.00

30 Sec. – $39,000.00

60 Sec. – $75,000.00

You choose where your ad appears.

Advertise on more out of home media in your target market


Facial Recognition Software

With metrix integration Digi-VUE Advertising can now guarantee digital out of home media impressions. No more wondering if consumers are watching and paying for airings you just don’t know if people are watching like conventional billboard media buys.

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