Digi-VUE Advertising Delivers On Digital Transformation

March 2, 2022

The Digi-Vue Advertising membership is an opportunity for businesses to cross-promote their Ads with other businesses in North LA County and benefit from each other’s foot traffic. Digi-Vue Advertising came up with its membership opportunity to assist businesses in North LA County with their marketing. As a member, Digi-Vue Advertising will give your business a cross-promotional media player and program it with custom graphics identical to your brand. This media player is installed in the business and linked to a display. As a member of Digi-Vue Advertising, your business will experience increased exposure, enhanced frequency, professional graphic design, track dwell times, among many other benefits. While using this media player businesses will be able to feature advertisements and updates, all while showing product demonstrations, menu items, social media updates, safety procedures, and much more.

How Does the Digi-Vue Advertising Membership Promote Digital Transformation?

Digi-Vue Advertising membership promotes Digital Transformation by utilizing its media player to display eye-catching graphics. All while increasing business recall rates with trackable dwell times, increased exposure, and frequency.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation entails employing digital technology to develop new business cultures, processes, and consumer experiences. It is the process of rethinking business in the digital era. It goes beyond traditional sales, advertising, and customer service functions.

Digital transformation starts and finishes with how you think and interact with consumers digitally. It integrates digital technology in your business’s functions, altering your operation and value delivery to your consumers.

Why is Digital Transformation Important to Advertising?

Digital Transformation reduces operational costs by eliminating sales team costs and hardware and software expenses. It enhances data collection by creating a framework for collecting and integrating business intelligence data.Through Digital Transformation, structured and unstructured data are collected, to help businesses understand customer needs and make more informed strategies. In addition, Digital Transformation increases profits by enabling cross-promoting Ads, increasing traffic, impressions, lead generation, and conversion.

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