Why is Branding Key?
December 11, 2018

What are these marketing people doing with my money?

Business owners and marketing firms share the same ultimate goals, which can best be summed as keeping the consumers happy and increasing profits. While their goals may be the same, the methods of achieving them are vastly different. A business owner accomplishes these goals by providing quality products and services directly to the customer.

So it’s clear, everyone has the same ultimate goal, but how exactly does a marketer help achieve this goal? What are they doing? What is marketing? How does marketing accomplish their side of the bargain?

The short answer is by retaining and increasing customer loyalty through marketing. Too vague?

You might still have questions as to how exactly this achieved and what this implies.

Let’s break it down:

What Is Marketing?

Online there are hoards of definitions for marketing, so let’s make it simple — The American Marketing Association defines marketing as “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.”

The key takeaways from this definition we’ll highlight is research and advertising. Marketing is the promotion that generates sales, while research and advertising are tools/methods used to make this possible. It’s a common debate on where to place marketing in the realm of science or art, but truthfully there is no point to debate since it’s both — a science and art used to meet the ultimate goal. The research-oriented side of marketing entails scientific research methods, while the advertising side favors artistic methods through creative direction, design, and digital media.

Who Is It Helping?

Let’s think of it as a relationship between a business and customer, and the relationship is built on a two-way street. The customer receives a beneficial service or product, while the business earns the revenue from their customer. Marketing acts a the relationship counselor that mediates communication, messages, and the experience. They do this to make sure the owner’s business goals and objectives are communicated through the right channels. It acknowledges compatibility and other relevant variables to maintain a successful relationship.  Marketing makes the decision easy for the buyer through establishing a marketing strategy that benefits the goals of the business it serves.

Where Can You Find Marketing In Play?

Anywhere there are people; you’ll see it or hear it: cinemas, transit vehicles, public shopping centers, schools, are all opportunities for marketing. Advertising services can be categorized by print or digital. It’s common to find the shift leaning towards for the later with digital marketing being the preferred method of spreading a message.

You’ll see/hear digital advertising such as:

Social media feeds: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Digital Signage Ads: Transit and retail locations
RSS Feeds
E-Mail Campaigns:
Cable TV, Radio, Music Streaming Apps
Online Banner Ads
Interactive games

You’ll see effective print methods such as:

Billboard campaigns
Newspaper and magazines
Direct mail-in campaigns
Brochures, flyers, coupons

How Do You Know the Marketing Is Working?

Because marketing is active and present in various forms, the cost of successful marketing can impose on a budget if it’s not regulated and fitted to the needs of the business. So, how do you know it’s working?

It’s a combination of data from research and sales. Sometimes you have to expand your audience before it’s reflected in the sales. Because sales might not reflect the detail or immediate effects of marketing. It’s necessary to have the data represented in a clear and concise manner to review the growth.

Here is where the research and data come in breaking down the demographics of the consumer, location, and logistics with digital analytics. They can note customer engagement with impression clicks and other quantitative methods like focus groups, interviews, and observations. It also uses quantitative data by reviewing statistics, surveys,  google analytics and case studies.

It proves the marketing efforts are effective. It’s all of a cycle, a  marketing company releases an ad, increases social media networking, impressions are tracked, and displays the results to you.

Why should I hire a team?

Creating a marketing plan isn’t as easy as strolling the beach on a cool summer day. It’s tasking with the many variables to account for. At times it’s best to focus on your strengths and ask for help where it’s needed. Here is when enlisting a marketing firm or advertising agency to increase your brand awareness is helpful. They create a marketing plan to addresses challenges and ultimately inspire the consumer to take action.

Here’s a quick checklist for screening an agency:

  • The staff cares about the community it serves
  • The technology is advanced and reliable
  • Offers extensive customer support
  • Applies your business model
  • Has an established network
  • Works with your budget and business model
  • Creates smart objectives

Leave it to marketing teams to monitor social media updates and engagement and experience. Advertising is usually the priciest part of marketing, so it’s essential to find a marketing firm or advertising firm that suits your needs. There are dual marketing agency options which are both research and advertising oriented. DigiVue Advertising Agency is a

dual hybrid company that offers traditional and trackable digital marketing and advertising services. For more information on our services, book us for a free consultation today! Visit our website

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