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Graphic Design

The other name for graphic design is communication design. It is the skill or profession of projecting visual communication that combines images, words, and concepts to express information or create an effect for an audience. Graphic design comprises designing and developing the logo, which can help build a brand image. It also involves designing high-class mobile apps and social media pages for endorsing and marketing businesses.

Motion Design

Commercial animation is an extensive field. Motion graphics, a major component of commercial graphics, is one pervasive and powerful tool. Motion Design also refers to motion graphics, putting a strong correlation between movement and design. Motion graphics blend time and space with design and give the design life. Giving design life is not easy; unlike in other animation fields, there is no pre-defined way of animating things in motion design. The movement of shapes, typography, and grids have no natural reference.

Thus, motion designers must review all movements, acceleration, and speed and put all these elements into their designs to give them life in a more human way that connects with their viewers. Today, motion graphics are everywhere; they are part of our daily life. Modern technology and the infiltration of screens in multiple gadgets have expanded the use of motion graphics. Motion graphics are everywhere in advertising, especially on social media, from complex story-driven ads to simple Instagram posts. Notion graphics is a critical tool that enables companies to stand out.

Video-Long Form

Videos are critical marketing tools, and any marketing strategy should incorporate them. Long-form videos are typically over 10 minutes. They are posted on a business’s website or YouTube channel. Long-form videos are the best way of engaging clients; they are better at entertaining and engaging the client. Watching a long-form video is deliberate; people must opt in. Thus, they are easy to post but hard to get watched compared to the non-skippable short-form videos. The campaign's goals come to play here; if the campaign aims at building a strong brand affinity, which requires true viewer attention, long-form videos are the most ideal.

Long-form videos are great at capturing attention; thus, businesses use the videos to educate their clients. The brand must be integrated seamlessly into the video, and the stories must be authentic to capture the viewer’s attention to increase efficiency.

Video-Short Form

Videos are a sure way for businesses to boost engagement with their clients. It effectively increases conversion rates, email click-through rates, audience engagement, and brand association. The major difference between short and long-form videos is the duration; the earlier is less than 10 minutes, and the latter is more than 10 minutes.

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