Digi-VUE Brings WiFi to the Transit Industry

April 6, 2022

The global transportation industry has become increasingly competitive. When it comes to choosing which mode of public transportation to use, travelers are spoiled for choice. It’s even hotter now, with the message “Dump the Pump, Ride Public Transit” plastered all over town. More entrepreneurs are expected to enter the public transportation market in the future. Will you throw in the towel or step it up a notch? Step up your game! But how do you do it? With our free WiFi! 

Here are a few of the benefits you’ll receive!

WiFi Increases Ridership and Improves Rider’s Experience

Instead of stress due to traffic, passengers will be busy browsing the internet.  Some will be, working, writing emails, or in business meetings online. They will be happy because they used their time well, thanks to our free WiFi.

According to Ericson’s report, 48% of New York and Sao Paulo public transport commuters and 40 % of those in London browse the internet while on transit. The study also found 70% of public transport commuters in New York, 51% in Sao Paulo, 47 in Shanghai, and 62% in London text messages via WhatsApp. Therefore, public transport riders are more likely to board public transport with a free WiFi connection.

 WiFi Analyzes Rider’s Behavior 

Most public transport commuters use smartphones to browse the internet while on transit. WiFi will enable you to track the number of passengers that connect to the internet. This will help you optimize your business strategies and customer services. Like any other business transit industry will need information about the number of passengers on each trip. While it is possible to headcount each passenger, it is much easier to obtain such information from WiFi. Its communication system collects data about users connected. 

 WiFi on Transit Facilitates a Sustainable Society

A study on The Urban Mobility 2.0 Index Development revealed that by 2050 67% of the people will live in the cities. It means that the demand for public transport will escalate. Sadly, people will spend many hours in a traffic jam, get to work late, and arrive home late after work.  

The transit industry will need to have a free WiFi connection on every public transport to reduce traffic on the roads. The passengers can work online as they travel to work and chat with family as they head home.  

With free WiFi, people will find public transport more convenient than their car. They will save money, reduce traffic, and lower air pollution from harmful exhaust emissions. 

Free WiFi on public transport will enhance the commuters’ quality of life, and traffic will not affect productivity. Thanks to free WiFi installation on public transport, the country’s economy will continue growing even with heavy traffic.

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