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April 7, 2017
Digi-VUE Advertising the Brand Activator
April 24, 2017

With the way technology is changing, it is also changing the way businesses buy advertising just as much as it has changed the way the general consumer has changed their way in how they prefer to received their advertising. Yet in this changing economy do not fret it is not impossible to target your consumer that is going to buy or hire your services. In fact the general concept to operate and grow a business has not changed with the right technical marketing team even the smallest of businesses can compete with the heavy hitting


Are you still buying media on the same local broadcast television station? Since the creation of DVR television and Tivo consumers can pick and choose whether to watch advertisements or simply fast forward them. Take into consideration; are you in control of your media buy? Are consumers able to fast forward your commercials and skip them completely? With so many satellite and cable networks to choose from and the hundreds of channels to view the likelihood your brand is seen is slim to none. For those consumers that have removed traditional television from their daily routine all together, millions of consumers have switched to Amazon, Youtube, Netflix and Hulu.


The culture has changed, the way we receive our information has transformed the way advertising is delivered. The general consumer is spending record amounts of time outside of their homes and you can reach them with digital out of home media. According to PQ Medias Consumer DOOH exposure index the average global consumer was exposed to various digital out of home (DOOH) media for 14 minutes per week in 2013, a 75% increase from only 8 minutes in 2007. PQ Media’s forecast calls for DOOH exposure to increase to 56 minutes per week by 2017. DOOH media is now the second fastest growing ad medium worldwide, after mobile, based on average weekly consumer exposure. The United States is the World’s Largest DOOH Market.


So you can’t seem to reach consumer on traditional media platforms like television, direct mailers and newspaper? The simple fact is less people are watching the television, less people are checking their mail on a daily basis because most people simply pay bills online and why subscribe to a local newspaper when you can simply check the local news via social media and online forums.

So how do you reach an audience that seems to be unreachable?

According to google, more than 50% of all mobile searches have local intent and 17% of search happens while consumers are on-the- go. 23% of consumers search for more information on their mobile devices after seeing outdoor advertising compared to 16% for other media according to COG Research and OnDevice Research. Digital out of home ADVERTISING networks can provide advertisers with additional engagement opportunities that include interactive touch screens and mobile integrations using NFC, BLE, and QR Codes. New to the market you might also even see more outdoor digital displays. Large format touch screen displays. Look out for new digital signage technology from Digi-VUE Advertising that will allow you to generate real time interaction results with live facial recognition along with live streaming social media feeds from Facebook and twitter. Digital signage is a blank canvas with more ways to connect to your consumer than ever before. Consider it for your next marketing campaign.

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