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April 24, 2017
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April 25, 2017

Ever feel like your work every day and your business just does not have the buzz it needs to take your business to the next level? So many people ask how much does advertising cost and the answer is simpler then you know. Advertising does not cost – The answer to your question is how much are you willing to invest? Advertising is an investment into your business and a solid tax right off.

A true advertising campaign is not just simple media buys. These days it takes more ingenuous technology based marketing tools that will educate and attracts consumers to your brand. If you want a following, create a buzz and build a fan base. Build a fan base around the things your consumers like and attract them to your business. Achieve this via platforms that your consumer will see. All advertising works just make sure you are marketing on the right platform at the right time to the right demographic.

Most startup companies are not marketing power houses. Radio, Television, Billboards they all sound great but for a brand to succeed we need to make sure you can market on platforms that your business can afford. Check your budget – This goes back to Paragraph one. Advertising does not cost, simply check your budget to see what you can afford to invest in your business. Don’t thinking television is not in the budget, DON’T FRET. Most small businesses will not come out the gate swinging their brand on every billboard in the neighborhood.

So where does a small business activate their brand?

Digital-Out-Of-Home Media is the second fastest growing media platform next too online radio. Brand activation happens big or small. Premium branding starts with consistency in your branding platforms. A general practice for any business it to invest in marketing platforms that will reach your consumer using a CPM pricing scales. (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) Your objective is to get the most bang for your buck and afford a branding platform for a FULL business cycle of one year. The consumer is not always ready to buy. In the times the consumer is not buying they need to be learning and buying into your brand so when they are ready to make a purchase you brand will be at the top of their mind. There are numerous branding platforms such as digital ad networks, online radio, tracking pixels, ad words, proximity marketing. These marketing platforms are only a few you can choose from, however the entry point of purchasing these types of meeting platforms will you give your business the boost you need to target the consumers you need to without breaking the bank.

As your business grows and your revenue increases your brand awareness budget should also increase. Soon your success may allow you to grow into more mainstream marketing platforms such as Television, Radio and Billboards. Remember a true Branding marketing campaign is not just about immediate return on investment or closed sales. Branding is NOT a call to action marketing platform. You measure the success of your branding platform in views or impressions. If someone sees your advertisement then your branding campaign is a success.

To get more information about the difference between a branding marketing platform and a Call to Action marketing platform contact us. You can’t have a truly successful advertising campaign without both marketing strategies in full affect. Identifying which platform you should use and the message you choose to display is potential for huge brand activation.

Contact us at activate your brand and watch business go from no name to the big name in town.

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