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August 16, 2016
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One thing you will hear from us over at Digi-VUE Advertising is that your digital signage a blank canvas you can do anything you can possibly image on these very small to very large displays. Anything from show casing your brand to creating an immediate call to action or even grow your social following. These days you might notice no matter where you go you will see digital signage used a variety of ways because there is simply put no limit to what your digital sign can do for your company in this article you will see the top ways to use digital signage to grow your business.

  1. QSR ( Quick Service Restaurant Digital Signage )

It’s almost obvious the first place you might see and expect digital signage is in any quick service or fast food restaurant. What’s so great about digital menu boards, compared to regular static menu boards? For starters we humans are very visual creatures, if a business can assume that a person may come in for a dollar hamburger we as a business owner would want to upsell this customer to purchase more products then just what’s on the dollar menu.  Digital signage can educate your consumers about other products and with the power or visual persuasion you may be able to convince your customer that came in for a dollar burger to perhaps change their mind and order a “DOUBLE DOUBLE XTRA BURGER with a LARGE MILK SHAKE” and by simply letting our customers know in a captivating and visually stimulating way to change their mind. The business owner can go from selling a one dollar burger to six dollar burger and shake effectively increase his/her revenue from $1 to $6 is a 600% increase in revenue.


  1. Hospitality Industry Digital Signage and Way Finders

Do you ever find yourself in a beautiful hotel that is larger than life and very quickly become lost. Where is the front desk? Where is the convention center? Where is the concierge? Where is the parking? Large venues such as hotels and airports are the number one place where an information resource center is needed. You may notice that hotels you may visit have installed beautiful video walls or way finder digital signage touch screens.  Unless you are stay at or 4 star hotel or more your hotel may not have a personal concierge which means to find things in your area from the hotel lobby can be quite challenging with digital signage you can create local business directories and even easy to use maps to traverse your way across the local neighborhoods to find great places to eat or local business resources. By installing information resources and tools your guests are not only are you receiving a better experience with technology but you are also creating a loyal customer. With a world of information at their fingertips your next digital signage system can make all the difference to put your hotel above the competition.

  1. Hospital Digital Signage

At the local clinic, the hospital, a doctor’s office or a dentist office Digi-VUE advertising digital signage can assist your patients and your guest with an experience of education and allow your staff to improve the services your provide which will in turn create long lasting residual customer base. Your digital signage can also work as a professional way finder with instant updates of happenings on the property allowing loved ones that visit the clinic.  Signage can also work to let staff know of any important trainings or important messages.

Use Hospital Digital Signage:

  • Health tips
  • Wayfinding and map directions
  • Ques and wait times in waiting rooms
  • Advertise partners and their services
  • Staff education

For more information on a customer kiosk or video wall digital signage system contact Digi-VUE Advertising at

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